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Lord Swan3x

Lord Swan3x

Emerging from deep within the jungles of Richfield, Ohio is Tyler Swan aka Lord Swan3x.

Swan is known for his overly aggressive bass music productions, and for being on the forefront of the brutally heavy bass music scene movement. Co-owner alongside Code: Pandorum of the newly formed heavy bass music label “Crowsnest”, Swan has aspirations to launch the heavy scene to even higher realms and is proving this with every step he makes.

2015 has proven to be a huge year, with debuts in Paris, France and Montreal, Quebec. The tail end of 2014 and beginning of 2015 showed the releases “Megaton EP” and “Sudden Death EP” reaching #9 and #5 respectively on the Beatport Dubstep Releases chart. In October of 2015 “The Armory EP” was released on Prime Audio and went straight in at #2 on the same chart within one day. Swan is set to continue his drive of heavy bass music straight through 2016 and onward. Prepare yourselves for the wrath of the Swan.