Fonik Returns With Another Crime Kitchen EP


Fonik is poised to release his defining EP - The Mayan Apocalypse.

Fonik Returns With Another Crime Kitchen EP

Live the Addiction,

3L3VAT3D MOTIVAT3D – To see life without boarders is to see dreams without end. – Anonymous

Fonik (Rob Mackie) Producer/DJ hailing from occupied Scotland UK brings forth his underground soul dub sound to the world via the beautiful digital stream. Elevated and Motivated this is Scotland by way of the Bay Area, California that is. Music Unity as it was meant to be.

“Hella High” the digital EP that bears this name right exs1sts to not only document this international CRim3 syndicate but to help further the idea that art, music, sport, and life can be one. “Hella High” is the 4th EP released by Fonik, since beginning in November 2011.

The concept behind this three track EP is to bring fast, loud and high energy into music, taking the performance of the extreme athletes who are part of the Hella High California team into consideration whilst trying to accurately manipulate the extremity of their profession into sound. On the contrary, some may also be inclined to sit back, click play, and spark a reefer.

Infused with the spirit of extreme sports clothing company Hella High, Fonik brings along the Bay Area blessing as well as a few coconspirators for the journey.

Bay Area, Rappers, Rell P and Nick Jame$ lend voices to the EP. The result, Audio terror on sub cerebral levels.



On his  second Cr1m3 K1tch3n release and follow up to his Mayan Apocalypse Fonik UK shares with us all:

“The Hella High EP is a blend of both energetic, heavy sounds for those who like to do crazy shit, and some more laid back, easy listening elements to the music for people who just like to chill the fuck out. Best of both worlds.”


Label A&R Tito Picon adds:

I’m so stoked to release a new Fonik ep. He is one of the best producers out there and one of the hardest working. Cheers to Fonik and Hella High!




“Hella High” is available through major digital retailers.



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Timothy Java is an international touring and recording drummer, director of services at Panacea3, web monkey at Crime Kitchen and an avid time traveler.