Co-Founder and Artist Relations Director Mike Schleibaum comments: “I’ve been in love with electronic music since it’s dawn on modern music, a fan for almost 3 decades. To start a label and unleash such amazing talent on the world is the culmination of a life long love for EDM. To couple that with the ability to work along side my friends is a dream come true. We intend to unleash some of the most innovative and fresh EDM out there. With great honor we roll out this label with a track from an amazing up and coming producer and long time friend Stormy Logan. At Dawn We Rage, is forging a new sonic path and we couldn’t be happier to be along for the ride.”

-Crime Kitchen

“On his track and induction into the CR1M3 K1TCH3N discography Producer/DJ of, Stormy Logan shares: We’re super stoked to be releasing “Team Air” with CR1M3 K1TCH3N! It’s awesome to be able to release music with friends of ours and a team of dudes that we have always looked up to.”

-At Dawn We Rage


“Team AiR” is available NOW through all major digital retailers. Pick up this slamming single and small piece of history now.